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Areas of practice


Market research

Although we have been living here for close to a decade and are intimately familiar with the investment areas and potential assets, every investment with us begins with a thorough market research. We examine the investment area digitally and in-person from every possible angle, including an overview of recent investments in the area, existing employment sources, centers that may be built and the potential of the area weighing all the parameters we have learned – so we can predict the return on your investment. At the same time, we are working to improve the area in which we invest by a series of smart investments that will increase the value of the area by bringing in quality tenants and renovating the properties.


Underwriting & Analysis

Once we have carefully selected the right investment area, we begin by initiating a viable investment process that also undergoes a thorough examination. Each transaction is analyzed in a known order, which includes underwriting, physical visit in the property, negotiation with the seller, physical due diligence on each of the apartments and more. Our experience in the real estate world ensures that we do not miss anything so that we can accurately determine the expected return and efficiently lead the group of investors who have chosen us to grow their investment.


Real estate investments

The process of purchasing properties of this type involves a lot of work, and we take great care to ensure an orderly and secure process. The property is purchased through the transfer of capital to a trust account in the United States. The property is then purchased with local funding, which we obtain with the help of the reputation we have accumulated in the United States. Based on the experience we have accumulated, the costs associated with purchasing the property are significantly lower than what is accepted in the market, and the vaccine here is of course reflected in the returns. Of course, we make the purchase of the property when we already know at what price we intend to sell it in X years. The sale of the property is a dynamic process that we know from both sides of course. We manage the entire sale process while emphasizing the achievement of the desired sale price and continuous reporting to our investors. Of course, even at this stage we will perform comprehensive tests on the potential buyer and make sure that we do not waste our time.


Asset management

Transaction analysis and purchase are done to the top, but the most important part is meeting the goals we set for ourselves in the beginning. We work in parallel with the leading management companies in the market to meet these goals. The importance of transparency is also expressed here: once a quarter, each investor will receive a detailed report on the condition of the property, the state of investment and meeting the goals we have set. We strongly believe in Under Promise Over Deliver and this can be seen in the reports we issue. Preserving your interests, the investors, is at the forefront of our minds from the simple environment that we too are always invested with you. Managing an investment portfolio requires attention, attention to the smallest details and proper management of the property itself – things we take care of.